Saturday, April 02, 2005

Replacement NHL Worse Than No NHL At All

Many fans seem to be happy that it looks like the NHL will be back next year, even if it is with replacement players. Next year, the replacement NHL (should it happen) will leave North American hockey in a worse state than it is this year. This year is arguably the greatest season ever for the American Hockey League. Players like Jason Spezza, Mike Cammalleri and Jay Bouwmeester would be playing significant roles in the NHL this year if there was one. These players are starring in the AHL instead. They are there along with the career AHL players making the league exceptionally strong.

Next year, I expect that many of the AHL players who are no longer NHL prospects (Lonny Bohonos for example is on record saying that he will be a replacement player) will be playing in the replacement NHL. This will lower the calibre of the AHL.

The NHL will be filled with second rate AHLers as well as players scrouged from all over (ECHL, UHL, graduating NCAA players etc.). The replacement NHL will not be as high quality as the AHL of 2004/05. All the rest of the minor leagues will either have to cease operations or fill their roster with worse players who were not NHL replacement calibre.

This plan to go with replacement players in the NHL, should it go forward, will be worse for hockey in North America then no NHL at all. The people pushing for it cannot honestly claim to be looking out for hockey's best interests.

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